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Who We Are

PropTx Innovations Inc. (ProxTx) provides leading technology service solutions to REALTORS® through a range of tools, insights and applications that improve the transaction experience for them and the clients they serve. 

PropTx is the home of a blockchain-enabled, innovative, trusted and modern MLS® platform that provides a more secure, streamlined and automated process for managing real estate transactions. 

Designed with REALTOR® needs at the forefront, our future-facing MLS® System strengthens data management and protection, streamlines processes and ultimately improves the transaction experience for them and the clients they serve.

PropTx is a wholly owned, subsidiary and taxable entity of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB).

Our Mission

PropTx aims to steer Ontario and Canada’s real estate industries toward the future by harnessing leading edge technology that betters the profession.

Our mission is to empower REALTORS® to grow their businesses and provide excellent service to clients with future facing technology service solutions.

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Our Story

In 2020, TRREB reached a significant milestone, celebrating 100 years of service to Members. With 70,000 Members, TRREB is proud to be recognized as the largest real estate board in the world. 

Renowned for its proficient and extensive MLS® Services, TRREB noticed that MLS® Systems had become stagnant, with little to no innovation or improvement over the last decade. TRREB seized this opportunity to build a new, future facing system that embraces leading edge technologies and empowers REALTORS® and brokerages to better serve clients through innovation, transparency and efficiencies. 

With the vision of creating a future facing MLS® platform that would usher in a new era for the real estate industry, PropTx was born. PropTx has worked to redesign and modernize the MLS® System, leverage leading edge technologies to unify Ontario’s real estate industry using one listing database for the betterment of the profession. 

Today, PropTx’s future-facing MLS® System is reimagining the real estate industry, with a state-of-the-art MLS® front-end platform that provides connected, empowered and transparent data services to support REALTORS® in scaling their business and providing quality services to clients.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Photo of Kevin Crigger.

Kevin Crigger
Chair & Director

Photo of Paul Baron.

Paul Baron

Photo of Mathieu Glaude.

Mathieu Glaude

Photo of Irene Zaguskin.

Irene Zaguskin

Photo of Paula A. Morrison.

Paula A. Morrison



Photo of John DiMichele.

John DiMichele
President & CEO

Contact Us

PropTx Inc. 1400 Don Mills, Toronto, ON, M3B 3N1